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Pathways of Grace is for you if you are:

  • Feeling isolated

  • Experiencing a life and growth transition or a major life change

  • Drawn to the idea of continuous growth

  • Drained by life’s pressures and in need of more energy

  • Looking for a deeper connection to yourself and life

  • Experiencing a faith transition

  • Feeling wounded by faith traditions and are looking for support in continuing your faith life

How does Pathways of Grace impact your life?


(Answers are taken from real client testimonials)

At Pathways of Grace, we allow you to show up and connect to your inner life so that you can be free to make choices based on your own values and insights - instead of living solely to provide what others want from you. At Pathways of Grace:

  • You’ll gain presence and awareness so you’re not hindered by your blind spots

  • You’ll develop the freedom to choose your life instead of having life choose you

  • You’ll become empowered to contemplate your inner desires so you can move through life with an intentional purpose

  • You’ll become more authentic and at peace

  • You’ll begin to understand yourself and others on a deeper level

  • You’ll be able to move through major life transitions (death, illness or career change) with someone who cares

  • You’ll be relieved of the pressure and stress that comes from the internal work of figuring out life

  • You’ll be able to gain calm in the midst of flux



Coming to Pathways of Grace for spiritual direction relieves a lot of pressure and stress and solves the internal work of figuring my life transition out. It has provided me a path that allows me to say, “This is normal. This is not something that’s wrong. I can have doubts and be in flux and still be effective and faithful at what I do.
— DP
Really, it helped to validate a deeper awareness that I felt I was not allowed to work out in public, in a position like mine. It opened up a new realm of support and validation, reassuring me that this was not actually a crisis of faith, but a normal transition. It helped bring a lot of my deeper intuitions up to the surface. Moving from ‘something is terribly wrong here’ to ‘something is really right here’ showed that there was something deeper and more unifying in the approach. It changed my perspective.
— DP
Gina provided a compassionate ear but did not merely provide solace. She had a vision of health for my family, toward which she gently encouraged us—at a time when we had little hope of surviving what had happened. She did this in a way that provided dignity and good boundaries. I cannot compliment her services more highly.
— KF

How We Support You

You can choose your pathway to wholeness with an integrated approach. Define your unique path by selecting the options that meet your current needs.

Does your unique pathway involve more than one service?

If more than one of the above pathways connects with you - or you’re just not sure where to begin your healing journey -
we can create custom packages to meet your unique needs. Join us for a complimentary session that will help us discover how we can serve your needs.

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