Carla Keaton

Headshot - Carla Keaton.png

Artist Statement

“The Eyes are the Window to the Soul”

My clearest memories as a child, was watching my parents walk up the stairs towards their bedroom after a late, long, tiresome night at work.  My father would arrive home first, then my mother would come home shortly after. My bedroom was positioned directly in front of the staircase leading upstairs. Pretending to be sleep, I watched them as they made the way wearily to their bedroom. I read their faces well, catching the subtle changes in their expression, which told me if they were, exhausted, upset, weary, overwhelmed and on occasion happy. I worried about them, and wondered why they worried. They never knew I was watching.

Now as an adult, experience has answered some of those questions. As an artist, I am inspired to record though paintings and drawings the stories that go untold, by observing and recording the subtle expression, body language, or my subjects’ interaction with others.

I work mainly from photographs I have taken of people in urban settings. I call these subjects the “Have Nots”, the segment of the population that is forgotten, discarded, ignored or underrepresented. I rarely do preliminary sketches, and instead, quickly sketch out the concept on canvas, paper or wood. I work large to add emphasis to the importance of the subjects and their stories.