Amanda Petersen

Amanda Petersen

Spiritual Direction with Amanda

Amanda's passion is to create the space where each person can listen deeply the Wisdom Within. As life continually unfolds, it is so important to have others to walk along side us. Founder of Pathways of Grace, Amanda has experience as a pastor, hospice chaplain, spiritual director, life coach and artist. Amanda also provides supervision for spiritual directors and pastors.

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Kim DeBeus

Spiritual Direction with Kim

Kim loves the inner journey, mindfulness, centering prayer, music, animals and grandkids.  Kim says that “finding a meditative practice has been life changing and helps ground me to the ever present stillness of Mystery; even in the midst of (the mess of) life.”  

Kim offers spiritual direction (where is God in your life), inner journey guidance (responding to God in your life) and discernment assistance to anyone walking the journey by creating sacred space for listening, exploring and discovering what God is up to in your life.  The emergence of new and abundant life is often impeded and Kim would delight in innovating spiritual practices that may deepen your inner journey. 

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Michelle Jereb

Spiritual Direction with Michelle

Michelle is blessed to be in the second half of life. The second half of life has allowed her to pause and become mindful of the contemplative life. She is passionate about bringing this “stillness” to others through the art of spiritual direction and meditation.

Michelle uses the graces of Reiki and aromatherapy to help bring healing and wholeness to mind, body and spirit. She is also a retreat leader, small group facilitator and mediation teacher. She and Amanda have teamed up in the past to lead small groups, retreats and also direct a small meditation center.

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Rhonda Vroman

Spiritual Direction with Rhonda

Spiritual Direction is part of the practice offered; my approach is to meet you where you are, recognizing we show up different each time. You may be ‘ready to go’ or perhaps guided breath with relaxation is helpful to come into a bit of stillness and Presence.  I offer a tranquil presence during Spiritual Direction, Integrative Wellness Coaching,  and Yoga Nidra (a sleep & conscious based guided meditation that is deeply connecting and restorative),  all refined through yogic training.  This is all supported by the intention of cultivatingpeace, moment by moment.

My Spiritual Direction journey began over 20 years ago during a time of increasing awareness of the importance of having a guide to help see God/Source/Higher Power within my life path.  I am an ongoing student of spiritual practices, including those of the yogic tradition, that encourage peace, connection and transformation, and offer these practices in various modalities.

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Tarrin McDonald

Spiritual Direction with Tarrin

Tarrin McDonald is a teacher, facilitator, dream tender, certified spiritual director, and desert wild woman.

She inquires deeply into her own wild and wonderous nature, confronting layer after layer of shadow to meet her Soul face to face. She is a woman drawn to the internal life who feels the pull of an unspoken unseen current, contemplates myth and story and mystery, and creates space for all forms of Self to manifest. Her passion is to create and hold space for women as they journey together from unconscious living to fully embodied Wise Wild Women, nurturing themselves and tending to Soul-work in the world.

In addition to journeying with women in one on one spiritual direction sessions, Tarrin can be found studying the work of Jungian Analysts, pursuing her MA and PhD in Depth Psychology, facilitating women’s moon gatherings, learning from the wise women in her life, and wandering the desert, marveling.

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Amanda Petersen

Coaching with Amanda

Coaching is offered in a package of 3, 6 or 9 months and cost varies depending on the frequency of time together.

Online sessions take place over the phone or through a web-based connection such as Zoom or FaceTime. Coaching is offered in a package of 3, 6 or 9 months and cost varies depending on the frequency of time together.

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Gina Pollard

Coaching with Gina

Gina's hourly rate for Coaching is $110/hour. That includes all materials, emails, and phone call support. Gina also offers 3, 6, and 9-month packages with discounted rates that you can purchase.

  • Payment must be received 7 days before the first session.
  • Because this is a commitment to YOUR process, there will be no refunds after the first session.

Coaching with Gina can take place one-on-one, or online, via phone or a web-based connection such as Skype.

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Leah Schneider

Massage with Leah

Repair and Rehabilitation massage offers a variety of modalities to fit your personal needs; such as Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Therapy, and can create a personalized experience to fit your needs.

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