Just What I Do

I recently read a wonderful article by Christine Kane (more information below) and she talked about the 6 magic words “this is just what I do” in regards to getting things done and shifting mindsets.  Just saying these words helps me sit down and write this blog when 500 other things are also calling my attention.  This is what I do…

As I thought about those words from a spiritual perspective I thought these could be a wonderful help or a great road block.  When it comes to starting a new spiritual practice like meditation or volunteering time somewhere, this phrase is very helpful.  I can remember starting meditation and it had to be a part of who I was at the time for me to sit down and be quiet and not turn the tv on a veg out (is that a phrase any more?).

At the same time as I walk with people on their spiritual path I hear that same phrase as if a door was slamming in the room.  ”This is just what I do” or “This is just what God does”.  It is said almost second hand, things are set in stone why discuss it.  The “this” can be something limiting or it can be something amazing.  It happens many times each day and it’s often unnoticed.  The moment everything is figured out doors can be slammed where one’srelationship with God are concerned.  Yet as I have walked this journey what I have learned is where God is concerned there is no “just”.  God is surprising, amazing, huge, steady, gentle, overwhelming, knowable, unknowable, mystery, certainty etc but definitely not “just”. And neither is the spiritual walk.  In a recent translation of Julian of Norwich she talks about going through the day expecting the Jack in the Box God.  

How do we keep from slamming doors on God?  The only answer I know is in community.  Whether that community is a book that stirs your thinking, Facebook, spiritual direction or a larger faith community we need to be together to share and hear Godall around us.  I do value the many communities that are popping up on line at the same time my preference is in person community.   That is why Pathways of Grace exists.  A safe place where we can look each other in the eye and see the light of God.  A place where we can be with and explore both the slamming and opening doors.  A place where we can be surprised by our thoughts of God.  It’s “just something we do” that lets us fall deeper into relationship with an amazing God.

Practice:  Take some time this week and have a conversation about your faith walk with someone you trust.  Listen to each other’s understandings, confusion and inspiration.

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