The word of the week.  Practice-able.  I loved reading this word this last week in Mary Anne Radmacher's book Live with Intention: rediscovering what we deeply know as much as I loved saying it out loud.  Anyone who knows me knows the word practice is a big part of my vocabulary.  Life is practice.  There is such freedom in that.  Yet practice-able is a whole new layer.....

I can remember when I was learning to play the piano.  I dreaded practicing.  All I could hear were the mistakes.  How far I had to go and I avoided it.  I wanted to master the piece not practice it!

Isn't life the same way?  Spiritual practices are often times avoided because there is a want to master. Yet the point of the practice is not mastery but experiences like humility, relationship, grace, Love. Quite frankly in a world that wants to measure everything, master everything, things like humility and love are hard to measure, even harder to master.  Think about it once you master humility then..... you don't have humility. Spiritual practices are moment by moment experiences we show up to.  Every moment is an opportunity to practice love. Yet the other side is true, in practicing I will also see how much I struggle with love.  In practicing silently sitting with God in meditation I will also see how much I don't.  Then the mind may start the dialogue "Why practice you can't master this."

When I hear practice-able I hear that it is something I can show up to.  It's not about the end product but the act itself.  I show up to the practice and I am able to do that.  Not for any end but just for the practice.  Like a parent encouraging a child - "try it.  It's not big it's just this moment, this moment is doable right?"  If I had felt like all I needed to do was learn a few measures in piano instead of the whole piece I would have been much more open to showing up to my practice times.

May you have a practice-able week!

Amanda PetersenComment