Lessons from Julian

I have to say it has been a crazy week.  Sometimes it seems like every week is a crazy week!  Do you ever feel that way?  Some weeks hold many opportunities in a day that are so different from each other that I feel I need to carry a coat rack with me to hold all the hats I seem to be wearing.

Now crazy isn't a "bad" thing in my book.  Crazy is just crazy.  In fact crazy is a wonderful spiritual discipline.  I get to practice:

That life is abundant,
That I am not in control,
Letting go of what I thought I needed,
Remembering and acting on what is truly important,
Reliance on God
and my worth is not based on how much I check off the list.
Reading Julian of Norwich I am inspired by the way she describes that all of life is about the goodness of God. All of her understanding of God came at a time when she is surrounded by war, corruption and a plague that was killing almost 1/2 her village. Where many would walk away from God in that craziness she ran deeper into God's arms.  Wrapped in love she trusts that goodness of God in all things and that fact puts life in perspective.  

"Any time we look at our Maker with love, our importance in our own eyes diminishes, and we are filled with awe and humble love for others." All Shall Be Well: Revelation of Divine Love, Julian of Norwich

The goodness of God no matter the circumstances brings a laser focus to others, to seek and find the goodness in them.  To share the goodness we have found.

This includes my crazy days, my playful days, my giving days, and my restful days.  They are all just icing on the cake to the truth that each contains the fullness of an amazing God and life is about the sharing and caring not the craziness.

Amanda PetersenComment