Remedy for a Resentment Relapse

I recently had a "resentment relapse". I did not realize it at first. In my crabby mood, I noticed everything others had or were doing. It was not necessarily about having material things although there might have had a bit of that. It was more resentment about the exciting ministries others were doing and the gifts others were sharing. In my resentment, I only felt guilty when I told myself to be grateful and yet I did not feel thankful.

Many wise people told me to make lists of gratitude. Reluctantly and with divine help, I began to practice... To see the beauty in the sunrise even though day may be filled with dread, to see the glimpse of light even in the darkness, to see love even in the tears of loss. Small, seemingly insignificant glimpses of things for which to be thankful can be like remedy for the resentment. It is not a gratefulness born out of a guilt but a gratefulness that is born out of noticing the glimpses of grace. In that noticing the room for resentments is less and the space for a joyful, grateful heart grows. I do not pretend to be free of resentments but practicing gratitude does seem to be a helpful remedy.

Judi Tyler, is a practicing musician, Deaconess in the Lutheran tradition and social worker.

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