I've Got Nothing

I've got nothing.  Am I the only one who has experienced that?  What's the point of inspiration if it behaves like a faucet that works when it wants to and not when it is needed?  Sometimes life just doesn't flow.  The funny or meaningful story just doesn't come. Trying to put two words together becomes challenging work.  Yet here I am showing up and I've got nothing.

Maybe the nothing is a something.  Maybe the nothing helps me just show to the Something with out expectations.   I do know when life is like this I listen, wonder, and notice life a bit differently.  For instance, I have been creating a lot lately so when nothing is there I look around and my house is a mess.  Time to take care of my space, my relationships, my soul.  Maybe having nothing isn't so bad after all.  Maybe the nothing is a call to Something.


Are nothing times a call to "take care"?  What in your life needs your care right now?


Amanda PetersenComment