Business and Spirituality

Sometimes culture tells us that business and spirituality don’t mix.  This isn’t true.  I think that those who succeed in business have the best chance of having a deep spiritual life and practice.  Those who show up to work ready to go, who do what is needed when it is needed and who truly care about integrity and a good product have what it takes to live a very deep spiritual life.

Why do people give up on spiritual practices?  Because it gets too boring, or hard or the “results” aren’t fast enough.  What successful business person hasn’t hit a boring or hard or a perseverance patch?  Business people don’t let the challenges get in the way of the goal.  I can’t think of a better description of what it takes to walk the spiritual path.  Business and the spiritual life were made for each other!

Practice:  What aspects of your business day can you incorporate into your spiritual life?

Amanda PetersenComment