Starting Line

I recently saw a commercial where this girl is chasing a starting line all through town and it stops when she gets to a car dealership.  She then takes a step over it and now her new life with her new car can begin.  I couldn't help but think of my own spiritual journey as I watched that commercial.  How many years did I feel like I was chasing the starting line with God?  Soon my new ressurection life with God will start if I could just catch up to the starting line and step over.   Ikept running hoping someday I could leap over that line and land in that place of peace that passes all understanding.  I tried changing prayer practices, disciplines, churches, exercise, diet, vitamins, studying scripture and reading books. The list went on and on.  I just kept running the race feeling like I was just missing some important point.  The race never stopped.  

It wasn't until 20 years ago when I started meditating that I slowly began to see that so long as I was chasing the starting line it would keep moving.  So long as I felt I was missing something I would keep running.  Inthe silence, in the slowing down, in the surrender of meditation the line stopped and I could consciously step over it.  "The Kingdom of God is within you."  The new life in God is already here.  All I needed to do was stop trying to make it happen and just step over the line.

Practice:  Reflect on whether you are waiting for life with God to begin or have you claimed it.  How do you know?  Spend some time in quiet, not striving, focus on a word, your breath or a sound for whatever time feels right for you.  What is it like to rest in God and trust?

Amanda PetersenComment