The Power of Pause

I can easily get caught up in the trap of life is ALL about the growth.  If you are not growing spiritually something is wrong.  I turn my spirituality into yet another black and white situation.  I’m either passing or failing. There is no inbetween.  Life is all about what’s next.

There is great power in the gift of pausing.  Especially after a spiritual growth spurt.  The expansion has happened it’s important to live in it for a while.  Enjoy it!  See what life from this new perspective is all about and learn to be satisfied.    This practice is sometimes harder that the showing up for growth!  Sometimes it feels wrong to take time and soak up the blessings of now.    Allowing time and space to relax and just get comfortable.  

Another gift of the pause is it gives a chance to ask why.  Why did I stop that practice?  Why did I not want to finish that book or that series? Why don’t I want to go back to spiritual direction or church?  Instead of saying oh well I failed, it doesn’t work and just walk away forever.  Take a pause and ask why.  Is it just not the season to try this practice?  Is it something you might want to pick up again? Are you trying to be someone you aren’t?  Are you doing it because you are “supposed” to?  Are you afraid to change?  Taking a pause from spiritual growth practices gives a chance to really listen to your life and to God.  It also gives us an opportunity to live our life authentically in this moment.

What happens when you think about taking a pause in life?

Amanda PetersenComment