Filling UP

Greetings, This is the first in a summer series of weekly notes of encouragement.  It is amazing how even if we start our the day filled with God's love it can slowly leak out and by midday we can be in a total fog of forgetfulness.  Just as it is important to remember to fill up our stomachs with food through out the day it is alsoimportant to surround ourselves with ways we can fill up spiritually. Below are some short sentences you can take with you through the day.

Wednesday. Half way through the week.  Take deep breath and say, " Each moment is a new moment with God. I cherish this moment." One more deep breath and now it's time to shine!

Thursday. The light of Friday shining on the horizon. Take a deep breath and say, " God has blessed and loved me with this day to see with eyes of gratitude and love and to receive Love in a million ways." Now shoulders back, deep breath and go forth knowing Love goes with you!

Friday. Take a deep breath and say, "I claim grace, love and peace as the source of my being."  Let this day be filled with wonder!

Saturday. The day that can hold so many possibilities, expectations and responsibilities. Take a slow deep breath and say, "I let go of my plans for today. I place them in God's light. My eyes are filled with wonder today. My heart is open to receive and give love. I receive my plans for today from the hands of Love." Another slow deep breath and now let's go into this wonder filled day.

Sunday is the day we whisper and shout throughout the day "thank you God." May you swim in God's abundance with gratitude today.

Monday Take a deep breath and repeat, "I do not journey into this day alone. I am surrounded by signs of how much I am loved. I am surrounded by opportunities to love." One more deep breath. Now go out and live this day.

Tuesday. Take a deep breath and say, " God's love is within me and around me. Today I choose to receive and give from a place of love." Another deep breath. Now let's go out there and live an inspiring Tuesday!

Let me know ways you like to fill UP.