July 15th, 2013

When life expands chaos ensues.  I used to think that when my prayers were being answered to be more of service to God and to be closer in my relationship with God that life would go smoothly. The waters would part and I would easily get to the other side.  That has not been my experience. I remember when my brothers (all over 6 feet tall) went through growth spurts. They fell, they were dizzy and they kept bumping into things.  They had to get used to the territory at this new height!  The more they kept trying to do things the way they used to the more painful life was.

When we grow in God we too need to get used to life from this new height.  I find myself doing things I would never consciously do, like hitting a wrong button on the computer, making lots of type-o’s or forgetting an appointment.  In the past I would beat myself up but now I see it as the price of transition.  I can’t do change perfectly.  I can’t grow in God seamlessly.  Just isn’t going to happen. I have to give myself time to get used to life differently.  The call is not to live a new life and drag the old one right along.  It is to transform into what is growing.  Which may mean letting go of somethings or changing how I do things.  What I have found is when I don’t beat myself upand instead use my miss – takes as a chance to practice grace, humility and a reality check I end up closer to Godbecause grace, humility and reality are where God lives.

I share this not only because it is my life right now,  also as an encouragement to anyone who may be going through a growth spurt and falling down.  Just remember the falls aren’t failures they are signs of growth if you let them.  Hold God’s hand tight and let the Spirit lead.

Exercise:  If you are doing a lot of Homer Simpson “Dohs” right now.  Spend some time in quiet with God and reflect on what is going on. Does anything need to change?  Are you allowing grace in?

Amanda PetersenComment