Like a Moth to a Flame

Yesterday my brother shared an interesting insight.  He was out for a run and was suddenly surrounded by butterflies.  Then a thought hit him.  Some people are butterflies but don’t know it because they are still in the cocoon waiting and working hard and showing up to transformation.

This got me thinking –  It takes a lot of work to be willing to essentially disintegrate (spiritual terms die to self) in the transformation process.  It is extremely difficult at times because all that has been known and trusted just doesn’t quite look the same.  With my brothers call I remembered that it is essential to have people around who talk of butterflies.  The cocoon is not the end.  There is something on the other end of this process.  When he called I was in the midst of planning, detailing and other business things that are not top on my list of fun things.  His call had everyone in the room claiming and remembering their inner butterfly.  It was joyous and we returned to work with new energy.

Later he called again with another insight.  Some people start the process of transformation and for a large number of reasons short circuit the process and come out as moths instead of butterflies.  The problems with moths is they are very attracted to shiny things like light and fire.  And it is the end of them.  One rarely sees a butterfly in a bug zapper.  Now this isn’t a factual biological story but a mystical story.  What if in the transformation process when all of life seems too strange or scary to continue there can be a choice to leave early.  Some good transformation has happened and now flight is possible.  Yet the gift of staying in the process a bit longer is there is less likelihood to follow any shinything that may ultimately end the journey.  Or I like to think,  the burning up gives another opportunity in the cocoon to transform yet one more time.  I think I have been a moth many times in my life.  I am grateful to a Creator that thinks outside the box and gives me lots of opportunities to transform and learn how to fly.

Pathways of Grace has changed its logo to show a butterfly on the path – or is it a moth? Either way we are all on the journey.  May you find inspiration and comfort, encouragement and faith to stay in the process just a bit longer.

Exercise:  Are you feeling like the process is too hard?  Where can you find comfort?  Know someone going through a transformation?  How can you remind them of butterflies?  For fun draw, paint or sculpt what type of butterfly your would be/are.

Amanda PetersenComment