Fall 2013

Well after months of tinkering, dreaming and praying it is here!  The new line up for the Fall along with a peek at 2014.

Here is what we love about what happens at Pathways of Grace:

Do you have time for everything except your time with God?  You love God and know you are loved yet it seems to be the first relationship pushed to the back burner?
             We give you the opportunity to connect in many different ways, on line, on
             your own or in person (we love the in person!)  
                Make sure we tell you later about a study on what happens when we take
                the time to interact with people face to face.  Fascinating!
Pathways gives those who don't quite feel at home in the world (or possible their faith communities)  a place to realize that they are not alone.  
                If you like we can share a fun top 10 reasons people don't go to church list.
There is space to question, ask, doubt and change your mind.  
                In a future blog Amanda will share about changing her mind - oh my!
We love to empower you to grow in your own journey AND take it out into the world where you can empower others with how much love is out there.
We especially enjoy sharing these opportunities with you where ever you are in your journey and however you can join in the blessing.

As we plan for 2014 we are looking forward to finding ways to deepen our understanding of Spirit and Community, presenting new opportunities to grow and learn, like The Mystic Way: Spiritual Formation Group and Grace Filled Mastermind.  We are looking at spaces to move into so we can offer and have the space to creative unique worshipful experiences and to expand the spiritual direction presence in the Phoenix area (keep checking back for more details).  We are looking for people interested in being on a board to help us vision where God is leading us on thisPathway.  
Here's to an awesome year!

Peace and Grace
Amanda and Bonnie

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