Dog Lessons

To those who are dog owners I’m sure what I am about to share is nothing new.  There is a phrase that dogs are God spelled backwards.  I get reminded of this often as I watch my Grace live her life.  Recently she had her first plane trip.  I have to admit I was pretty nervous.  How would she react?  She can get testy when she’s stressed.  What would happen through TSA?  Etc Etc. So many unknowns, would I be able to handle it all?  Would she?

We get to the airport and instead of being a shaking mess she loved the adventure.  The only stress was her carrier and that didn’t last long.  Once we got to our destination I again wondered how she would do because here we were going had a dog she didn’t know.  She adapted faster than I did to the new environment and she did it while letting everyone know her boundaries and being herself.  The two dogs figured it out really fast.  Her whole attitude was ok so now I’m here.

An aspect of this observation that really struck me for my own life was her attitude of curiosity and she knew she was safe with me.  What made the transition helpful for her was the fact that she was more interested in the new smells and new environment than she was in the fact that everything was new and not like home.  She was plunged into a whole new huge world for her and she did it with curiosity.  What would happen if I did that?  When life throws something new, or I am invited into the unknown, rather than bemoan the change, worry about it or try to control it so it’s manageable, I get curious about what this will bring. Watching Grace I am struck by the importance of living in wonder. As a person of faith I am called to be a person of wonder.  Wonder puts me in a state of looking for what God is doing.  An open ended place.  I can wonder because I know God is with me no matter the circumstance.  I can wonder where will God lead next.  It’s a new set of lenses to view the world through.

As I write this I am still on our trip and Grace is contently curled up next to me secure and ready for the next adventure.  As I think of all the unknowns for the trip home I begin to smile and wonder.


Where are you being called to wonder?

Amanda PetersenComment