Getting the Ball Rolling

I went out of town for a while, changed my routine and missed a blog post.  Not a big deal – except, that with a few other things has cause me to feel like a heavy ball stuck in the mud. And it doesn’t have any momentum.  Just a big heavy weight that knows it needs to move and is just sitting there.

When momentum is lost it can feel like all is lost.  Yet that is not true.  It just means it’s time to get the ball rolling again just like the very first time.  For me that means, letting people know I feel stuck, having some accountability and knowing this ball is not going anywhere without reaching out to others. Ever have a car stuck in the mud?  It takes a lot of people willing to get in the mess with you to get it out.  Remember the feeling of gratitude that follows?  

Getting unstuck means reestablishing routines without beating myself up.  In fact giving myself a pat on the back instead.  ”Look you walked the dog this morning and didn’t feel rushed for time!  Woo Hoo!”  It’s a time to go back to basics – who were the authors that inspired me? It’s time to pull those books out and start reading again.  And it’s a time to shed some old things, reevaluate and maybe start some new practices.  It’s a time to reach out beyond myself call on the Divine Presence to guide and encourage.  Yes, getting stuck isn’t the end of the world, in fact it’s a wonderful humbling gift if one is willing to let it be.  

I feel better already!  This ball is starting to move once again.  Thanks!

Practice:  What is your back to basics plan when you feel stuck?  Having one is as important as having an escape route in case of a fire.

Amanda PetersenComment