Are You Ready?

How many times have you heard "Are you ready?" in the last week?
How many plans are left undone?  Or are you totally in control of how you will spend the holidays?

There are lines of people all over town getting ready. The Post Office had it's busiest day as people check another thing off their list to prepare for the Holidays.

As I stood in yet another line I wondered if we would do this for God?  Stand in this line out of the door of the Post Office and at the other end you are one step closer to love. How would we treat each other in that line? How do we find the time to shower others with gifts and love this time of year and yet are too busy the rest of the year? What do we think we need to do in order to shower God with gifts and love?  

What is our readiness for God to enter our lives?  What does that check list look like? How many things would you need to do to prepare to make God an integral part of your life? (And yes, you guessed it if you see me standing in line with a far off look on my face I'm not bored I'm off pondering.)   I would like to propose that to ready ourselves for God in our lives we need more than a list of preparations....

I suggest it is a way of life.  A daily choice that we make for the rest of our lives.  The gift of Advent is we get to say, ok for the next 4 weeks I will practice what it means to prepare the way so that God is an integral part of my life.  For this short time we can once again jumpstart our preparedness.  In the process hopefully one of these years we will finally get it that lists and planning are not needed. What is needed is an open heart and a willingness to choose each and every day to say "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord."  

We need community in order to remember.  Isn't that the pull for all these preparations for the Holidays?  It is one mass community remembering.  Others are doing this which encourages us to do the same.  This is true for our spiritual lives too.  This is why Pathways of Grace exists to give you a place to remember, to prepare to choose, through community in spiritual direction, classes and workshops.  Not to add another thing to the list to check off but to remember God is already here, with us.

Amanda PetersenComment