Ever wish you had a Magic Wand?

Ever wish you had a magic wand?  One flip of the wrist and whatever you are dealing with is transformed?  A swish of the wand and now you have the extra time you need.  How about the resources to do that project just appears? Ever wish the people in your life just did what you wanted the first time you asked?  Or how about a wave of the wand and everything just stays still for a few moments.  Just enough time to gather your thoughts and catch your breath.  Doesn't that fantasy sound wonderful?

We have a a piece of news, that magic wand exists!

It is your relationship with God and the awareness of your thoughts.  From the beginning of Christianity the great sages and contemplatives have taught about the importance of focusing ourselves on the movement of God.  Jesus talks over and over about focusing on the the movement of God in the world (aka Kingdom of God).  Try this the next time you are ready to reach for that wand.  Take a moment, just a moment, and think of God and God's love for you.  Think on the bigness of life and love.  Think on how you are never alone and God is patiently waiting to walk with you, to guide you through the situation.  

Let us know what happens when you try this. Feel free to leave a comment.   Make sure you are honest with God about where you are and you take the time to really notice what is going on.  This is not only a soul exercise, it is a brain and body exercise too.  The wand is you choosing to focus on the movement of God.

If you'd like to explore this more we'd love to talk to you about it.


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