The 3 Steps to Happiness

How many self help or spiritual books have you read looking for that one bit of information that will help life feel right?  If you are like most people on a spiritual quest you have read and done a lot on this search. I have to admit I have spent most of my adult life looking for just the right combination of tools, steps and techniques that would lead me to a place where I just don't have to try anymore.  A place where I get it and I'm done doing the two steps forward two steps back dance.

What I have discovered is there is no arrival.  The entire experience of life is a dance (or practice).  Rather than searching for a place to arrive, I instead just show up to the dance. This allows me to keep from sitting out the dance because I don't like the music or it feels like it's not enough.  This means regardless of the music or whether I have danced this dance 100 times or it is totally unknown, I open my arms and dance, everyday, day after day.  The arrival is the willingness to keep showing up to keep dancing and to keep being willing to be led into dances I would never have known existed.  Instead of 3 steps to happiness, I liked to share with you three dance steps that have helped me remember the bigness of God and Life.

The first step seems counter intuitive, I stop.   Meditation is a practice of calming ones mind, body and soul so that there is more room on the dance floor to dance.   Every major faith tradition I have come across has some form of meditation as a piece of it.  On top of the faith based commonality around mediation there is brain research that shows how the practice rewires the brain and gives the space to truly dance in life.  This Fall we will be talking about meditation and it's many forms with monthly talks on meditation.  In the mean time, I invite you to stop, repeat of word or notice your breathing each day.  This can be for a few minutes or 20 minutes.  The important first step to this particular dance to practice stopping and learning what it is like to be held.

What are some of your dance steps? Please share so we all might learn.

What are steps two and three????  You'll have to check back next week to find out.

In the mean time whatever the music you may be dancing to at this moment may you always know God dances with you.

Amanda PetersenComment