Like all holidays, New Years Day is another chance to look backward and forward in order to be more in the moment.  This is a very powerful spiritual practice.  When we sit in conversation with each other telling stories of the past year we are creating an opportunity to honor, notice and be in awe yet again of how God works in ways we can never predict.  

With that knowledge we use this time to make plans for letting go of what not longer serves us and open up to the possibilities of what could be.  Plans, intentions, resolutions whatever you want to call them, as we sit on this thin line of this moment, we hold the mystery that life is not predictable.

As your calendar begins to fill up my prayer for you is that you leave space for wonder, rest and abundant love.  When it comes to making shifts in life community is a must.  Pathways of Grace offers support and community as you walk your unique walk with God.

Stay tuned to future Filling UPs! for some changes coming to Pathways of Grace in 2015!!  I am so blessed to be on this journey with you!!

Peace Amanda

Living Creator of New Years and New Moments
On this day of opening a fresh calendar
Which we have to admit already has
Spaces filled
Plans made
And attitudes of resolute changes,
Help us truly be open to the Truth that
You hold our days.
Help us make sure that as the spaces fill
there is room
To wonder
To rest in your Love
To listen with our heart
To forgive and be forgiven
To travel to places that challenge our control and
Draw us closer to you
To allow your forgiveness and love to flow through us.
So wherever our plans on this new calendar
Take us
With each new day we are closer to You,
The One Who Holds Our New Years and New Moments.

Amanda PetersenComment