What is Your Balancing Act?

Both the Fuel for the Journey, Essential Enneagram and the Spiritual Director Gathering were wonderful events filled with self discovery and sharing.  I often get asked why self discovery and sharing so important?  Isn't that just navel gazing? Don't these things separate us from the real world?

The truth is life is a balancing act where all the pieces could change in a heart beat.  New things get added and others taken away every day.  How many of you have had a day planned and at the end of the day it went a totally different direction?  If there is no awareness of what is happening within then the day becomes one of frustration. The circumstances have all the power to sway. Have enough of those days and it's easy to end up with a very unhappy life.
With out others to share what is going on we may miss a new way of balancing what is going on or better yet, people to help hold us up during the times that feel shaky.

Learning more about one's self is all part of the practice of finding balance rather than looking for that perfect balance.  This way of life becomes more of a wondering creative way where we learn how to move with what life gives us and at the same time strengthen our core.
May each unbalancing experience bring us closer in understanding to ourselves and others and ultimately our relationship with God.

Wishing you all a solid core as you balance your lives.

Amanda PetersenComment