Making Room For Grace

All through my daughter's growing up she wanted a dog.  As a single parent first in Graduate school and then as a pastor I knew we did not have the space in our lives for a dog.  We had birds, cats and fish instead.  Yet she yearned for a dog, even bringing home strays from time to time hoping I'd change my mind.  I know with my long work hours plus all the activities she was in the dog would not be happy.

Then when she was older and I began Pathways of Grace and was working from home we had the space to get dogs.  She got Sasha and I got Grace.  As many of you know Grace is now a vital part of Pathways. With Grace came unexpected things like snoring through meditation.

As I listen to stories about how to enter 2015 I think about like making room for my dog Grace we are invited to make room for God's Grace... Grace abounds and surrounds us everyday.  Grace is available to us every second.  The question is do we create space for grace in our lives?  If grace is part of our new year, how does that effect either reaching a goal or not?  What does that mean for our relationships?  If we make room for grace we may be asked to let go of attitudes, assumptions and judgements about ourselves and others.  Grace is also unpredictable it may interupt a well laid plan.  Making room for grace is also making room for God's love, mercy and vision for us.  Grace keeps the world from revolving around us and puts God at the center from which we see everything.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if we made room for the reality of God's grace this year.  If this is something that you'd like to explore more you may want to enter into spiritual direction or join a group.  I know that in order to make space for God's grace in my life I need to make space to others too.


Amanda PetersenComment