Thank You For Your Patience

I have always believed if you hear a similar phrase more that 2 times in a short period of time then it is something to pay attention to.  God/Energy/The Universe is trying to get a message to you.  One of those phrases has been appearing in my life recently "Thank you for your patience."  I have heard that phrase almost daily and sometimes multiple times during the day for well over a week. It has now reached the place of being a cosmic joke.

As you can imagine I have been trying to decipher what the message might be.  There have been several theories and yet what I am resting in right now is the fact that we live in a culture that requires a lot of patience.  There are so many places and circumstances that just refuse to be easy and we we are given the choice on how we wish to react, in frustration or in patience.  Some days the awareness that there is even a choice doesn't even come to the surface until someone says "Thank you for your patience."

Combine these circumstances with the reality that we also live in an "I expect it yesterday" culture of instant gratification and I feel stressed just thinking about it. According to the Cambridge dictionary patience is "the ability to accept delay, suffering or annoyance without complaining or becoming angry"  As I read that I saw how much patience and inner peace go hand in hand. Patience is a way of responding to life's circumstances not reacting to them.

 This makes me all the more certain that having times and places of quiet and reflection are not an add on but a must.  Friends, the world can be a very maddening place and as people who are trying to live aware, loving and led lives we need all the quiet places we can find. I encourage you to do little things like take a walk during your lunch break or create a corner in your home where you can sit, even for a moment, and remember you are created in Love's image.  Even taking a few deep breaths at opportune times during the day can bring you back to center. a few moments of quiet and connection to Peace will result in a flow of patience  

We are entering into a season that often requires a lot patience, aka The Holidays.  Traffic, crowds, trip planning, expectations all require a level of patience. Beginning in November Pathways of Grace will be offering both Quiet Pauses and Gathering Times in addition to meditation times.  The Quiet Pauses will be just that, quiet.  Come for 5 minutes or for the whole time.  Find corner and just be or bring that book you think will inspire you but you never take the time to read or take the time to quiet your heart and journal or reflect on who you are and where you feel led.  The Gatherings will be like the open house a time to come and meet others who are on the journey, share stories and be encouraged. Meditation times are set times of quiet meditation and mandala coloring.  All of these are FREE because I believe this is the core essential to our experience with God, self and others.  There will be a basket for contributions for those who wish to help Pathways of Grace offer a space of peace.

As you go through your day may you hear hank you for your patience".  It may be God's sign you are reflecting what you believe.

Amanda PetersenComment