Knock Knock

This week like it or not, children will be taking to the streets and knocking on our doors asking for a treat. In the Middle Ages this tradition included the young and the poor going door to door asking for money or food in exchange for a song or a prayer on behalf of the dead. It's the one night ayear in the United States where we are allowed to knock on doors and ask for something. 

This idea of knocking on a door in expectation reminds me of an inspirational parable of Jesus in Luke 11:5-10 of the midnight visitor knocking on the door expecting the friend to help. I won't go into the details, you can look it up for yourself.  What I have taken away from that story is the person isn't begging the friend or pleading with the friend but expecting the friend to help.  

If that is a story of our walk with God, then it means we are encouraged to ask God for help as we practice showing up to our faith and the resources seem low and help is unlikely or inconvenient.  

Now this isn't about God making every wish come true but about God showing up to the dreams planted by God.  Dreams that are about wholeness and love.  Dreams that are bigger than whatever could be imagined yet stir in the heart to help bring God's amazing love into the world.  Those crazy ideas that show up to start something, or give something, or change something.  Dreams where a person feels too small to ever see them happen so it's put on the back burner until it just can't be anymore.  

Those are the dreams that make the world better, that heal and inspire.  To show up to something like that it's important to keep knocking and asking God to provide what is needed.  Too often it can feel like saying to God "thanks for the idea I've got it now". Soon after, feeling overwhelmed and burnt out or like everything is a dead end it's tempting to get mad at God, yet God was never actively invited.  Sometimes when something amazing is planted in a soul it goes against all the "shoulds" and rational reasons it can't be done.  Other people may just love to point that fact out.  This is another reason why it is important to remember to knock, and knock again and looking expectantly that what is needed to keep going to be provided.  To be humble enough to ask and passionate enough to expect.

 If we are God's hands and feet then we are going to be asked to open the door of our heart and life and all hours of the day.  If we are God's own then we need to remember to reach out to God through prayer and through others when we are feeling the road ahead seems too hard or lonely or full of worries.  Especially at midnight when the mind worries and tells stories that following God's vision isn't doable.  It is then that we are invited to knock with trust and persistence.   
My prayer is that the space provided at Pathways of Grace will give you space to knock and knock and knock again through meditation, Quiet Places, Gathering Times, spiritual direction or workshops.  

Practice:  Is there any place in your life where you are trying to go it alone?  Journal about what happens when you think of knocking on heaven's door until you get an answer.  What are your expectations of God?  How is God showing up in your life?

Amanda PetersenComment