A Letter To You

I was recently reading some ancient correspondence and was in awe of the spiritual depth of the letters. I felt I was the intended recipient all these centuries later.  Isn't that what reading Scriptures or other sacred texts is like.  Reading a long ago letter that through the connection of an Infinite Truth becomes a letter written today.  Blogs can be wonderful that way.  Like a letter written at another time to another person a blog somehow in it's general release can touch another life deeply.  I often see these posts in the newsletter like a letter sent to each of you.  Sharing some insight I may have come across. The written word in the hands of our Creator is yet another way we may connect with grace, mercy, joy, understanding and so much more.

There are so many thoughts flinging through the mind, all calling for attention and it can be a challenge to know what is even important.  Taking the time to write them down allows one to "ask do I really mean that?"  Is that really how I feel?  Taking the time to write to another person adds yet another layer of spiritual depth to the practice.  This creates connection, vulnerability and trust.  All components God loves to work with.

I hope this inspires you to write a letter, submit an article for this newsletter or take the time to read a letter or blog that you have been meaning to get to.   In the process you will find many ways to connect not only with others but with God and maybe many years from now someone who is needing to hear the words of your life will connect with with them.  As the Persian poet,Hafiz wrote so many centuries ago "Even from am the distance of a millennium, I can lean the flame in my heart into your life."

Amanda PetersenComment