Gratitude and Terror

This morning I am putting the finishing touches on the Gratitude Service tomorrow at Pathways of Grace and also for a sermon on Sunday and reflecting on what does it mean to be grateful in the midst of a world that has so much brokenness.  I look around my home and reflect on my dear friends and feel so grateful.  At the same time I think of the many others who are grieving the loss of loved ones due to violence.  I know many of you are searching for where to find a grateful heart.  This is a tricky time of year.

At the same time spiritually it a so rich.  The gift of seasons are they give an opportunity to practice belief in a unique way because a change in season is a reflection of the reality of the tension of life/death beauty/terror.   This invites one to dive into prayer and scripture and to talk and act in the midst of the tension that we live in a glorious and terrifying time.  Jesus was no stranger to this.  His invitation is to enter the tension and not be surprised by it but to be engaged in it.

I enjoy walking with others through the Ignatian exercises.  The exercises begin with God's deep love and move right into the the tension that that Love is not evident in so many ways.  Expressing gratitude in the midst of violence is a statement that Love wins.  Expressing sorrow in the midst of a Season of Thanksgiving is evidence that Love exists.  I do not have any answers on how to live in this tension.  That is a personal walk with God.  All I do know for myself is the importance to acknowledge that life is "frail and glorious" as Macrina Weiderkehr says, and I am called to dwell with God in the midst of both.  So with that said I will express my gratitude for the light of God in each and every one of you this Thanksgiving and I will examine my own life to see how to best enter into the terror and bring Love.

I hope you will be able to join us for the Gathering Time, Gratitude Service and/or the lunch after.


Amanda PetersenComment