Where Are You Being Pushed?

First a note about who wrote the article last week.

Jeannette Slater has served as a ministry coach for 20 years.  Intrigued by how we experience life's changes as we move into our 40s, 50's and beyond, she now focuses on walking with people to live a fulfilling second half of life. She works as a Realtor and lives is Phoenix with her husband, Nathan.

Do you have something you'd like to share with the Pathways of Grace Community??  When I ask that question is there a "yes but" type of answer? Do you have something that has inspired your walk and yet due to fear, time or some other reason you keep it to yourself?   I often talk about God nudges yet there are times in life when The Spirit pushes, shoves and drives us into places we don't want to go.  Whether that is writing an article, dealing with conflict or living with grief.  As we enter this Lenten season the scripture used to start us off is Jesus being driven into the wilderness.

I like The Message phrasing "That same Spirit pushed Jesus".  The same Spirit that blesses us also pushes us into places of challenge where we face our demons and have wild companions (not the ones who are in our comfort zone) who also dwell in these wilderness places. Lent is a time to practice going into the places where left to our own devices we would run away to an island or a monastery where nothing would disturb us.  Lent is our opportunity to sit in the uncomfortable, witness being tended to by angels, learn from Jesus and have opportunities to live and claim what we believe.

For the next 5 weeks I am asking for anyone who wishes to share their encounter with being pushed into a wilderness place and how that impacted their walk with God.  That is my nudge to you - please email me at amanda@pathwaysofgrace.com for more information.

Wishing you all the fullness of God each and every day!  Check back next week for a sneak peek at what is coming up this summer (yes summer) at Pathways of Grace!


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