Do You Have the Right Bucket?

I had a huge surprise phone call the other day.  One of those calls that after it is over I wonder “did that just happen?”  Then my mind went into so what do I “do” about it.  It was like holding a hot potato and looking for a place to put it.  The usual speeding train of thoughts going all over the map.  That was getting me nowhere so I moved on to calling friends and seeing their reaction.  That was helpful and slowed the train down a bit but still my mind was trying to figure out what the next step was.  Until one of my friends said “Why don’t you put it in a neutral bucket?  It was just a phone call.”  

That stopped the train immediately.   I don’t have to do anything with this information.  I can just call it what it is.  So I did.  I plopped the phone call in the neutral bucket for a few days and let it cool off for a while.  When I went back to it the energy has dissipated and I could see it in a whole new light.

As I am tempted to multitask, fix or create a great fantasy around life I am finding the neutral bucket quite helpful.  This bucket has actually turned into the Divine hands.  I say a little prayer "Source of My Being, this happened could you hold it for a while?"  Then I come back and the conversation begins.  This conversation has included everything from phone calls to senseless killings, from how to use my time to why is there homelessness.  As I have practiced this form of waiting and watching during I find I am trusting in the wonder of God in a whole new way.

Practice:  Find a container of some kind.  Label it Neutral.  When the opportunitycomes up place your “hot potatoes” in it for a while.  When you come back take it out and talk with God about it.

Amanda PetersenComment