Weather vane Moments

I remember several movies where there were weather vane moments.  Everything is going fine in the lives of the characters and then the camera moves up to a weather vane at the top of the house and it switches directions.  Change is coming.

In my life I've had those weather vane moments.  It's as though I can feel the wind shift and know something is coming but have no idea what. Often it is very subtle just an inner sense nothing really dramatic.  I find in those moments I have a choice.  I can shake my head and say it's only my imagination or I can admit the Spirit of God is moving and be open to what is next.  If I choose to be open to this I know I am choosing not only something new but also the chaos of something going.

Change involves both letting go and welcoming.This could be circumstantial change or it may be an internal shift, a new belief system forming.  Sometimes this is welcome.  Other times the winds of change do not always feel kind as they blow through. That's why it's easy to choose to ignore it or try to control it.  When I sense a change I am fearful of, I often make it worse by trying to manipulate it so it won't hurt as I watch what I thought I needed blow away.  In my experience weather vane change is a wild thing.  These are the changes I didn't choose but deep down know I need.

Rather than trying to control it I need that inner storm shelter where I can stay and find comfort as the wind comes.  This is the place where I claim things like the love of God,friends and loved ones whose hands I can hold, the touchstones of spiritual practices that help me keep my footing.  For this reason its important to keep up this inner shelter (I'll touch on what this is in the next post).  But first, what is your shelter?  If everything blew away what are the few things you know you could cling to?  I encourage you to pay attention to those things and tend to them.

Amanda PetersenComment