Falling into God

Many times people describe surrendering to or letting go into God as “falling into God”.  Now two things come to mind when I think of this.  One is the fall isn’t far, like falling into someone's arms.  The other is a farther distance, but one where I can see the end.  A popular illustration is jumping out of a burning building into the arms of a loving God that is waiting for you.  These are great, they make me happy because it is a controlled jump.  I can see the end and even though it is a risk, it is one where I can see what it is I am risking and where I am going.  It’s about trust.  Do I think God will catch me.? Some days it has been “yes”, I can’t wait to jump and other days it has been “no” and falling into God’s arms feels like a difficult, risky thing.

Lately I have had a new image for falling into God.  What if it is cliff jumping AND I can’t see the end or any arms to fall into?  What if that is what letting go and letting God is like?  Standing at the edge of the cliff and having the conversation about guarantees, protections, safety measures etc.  Can’t I wear a parachute?  Can someone else jump with me so I feel safer?  Is it going to hurt? Living with the questions and still jumping.

Am I willing to let go of everything and free fall into God?  No guarantees, except that God loves me beyond anything I can imagine and that by trusting and living in that love, I will find life beyond anything I could imagine.  Not a life that is safe and controlled and filled with warm fuzzies, but a wild, free fall life ,full of a whole new definition of joy, peace and love.  One where I would need to pay attention in every moment because it is so exhilarating.  Where God catches me in the most unexpected times and then says, “Are you ready to fall deeper?”  If I say yes, we fall further and faster.

In this type of free fall, I can’t cling to anything.  Yet if I say, “Enough” or grab on to something, God’s love never changes.  I am allowed as many stops as I choose, yet the journey only happens when I jump.  Even if I stop and get back on “solid” ground, I will always hear the winds of the Spirit blowing, calling, luring me back to the edge.That’s the thing with cliff jumping with God.  Once we jump, there is no going back.  The jump has happened.  We know we can do it, we have done it and that it is possible to do it again.


Draw or imagine yourself at the edge of a cliff.   What kind of fall are you up to?  Where is God?  What would the fall mean?


Amanda PetersenComment