Are you Cinderella?

The movie Cinderella is very popular right now but I would like to introduce you to another Cinderella. This one brings a huge smile to the face of the 85 year old woman who shared this story. This Cinderella is a sheepdog. The owner's name she couldn't remember but just the mention of Cinderella and her face beamed!

She first met Cinderella as she went out to pick up the paper.  She and Cinderella hit off right away.  Then one day she went out and the paper was up on her porch.  It took a while but in time she found out that when she could, Cinderella and her mom would bring the paper up closer for her.  This small act done in the early hours made a bright spot in her life.  It didn't happen every day just occasionally when they happen to be coming by. The impact of that act I believe is what the walk with God is all about.

There is a point in our journey as we deepen our relationship with God where we are on fire to serve.  The heart may feel like is will burst if we don't give away this great gift we have been given and our call is to change the world.  Then it can feel overwhelming.  We can be tempted to think that only marching in protest or working to end homelessness or running off to a war torn country are our only options.  When that is not our reality we can feel insignificant and give up.

Yet all God asks of us is to make a difference where we are as we are and let God take care of the impact to the world.  Sometimes it is the small things like bringing a paper closer to the house as you walk your dog.  Always it is about making a connection beyond yourself.  I know Cinderella is an important part of the Fellowship of God.
May this day be one where we show up to the little things and trust God will turn them into something beyond our wildest imagination.

What are some small things that someone has done for you that have made a big impact in your life? Please share!

Amanda PetersenComment