Are you sitting in suffering?

Recently I had to sit in an uncomfortable situation for hours. I was physically (hard chair) and mentally (no control) suffering. In that time I noticed something. A goodportion of my suffering was wishing I wasn't suffering.  Think about that.  How much time is spent trying to eliminate, avoidor wish away suffering? Think on your past week. How much of it was spent on managing suffering?

On the Christian calendar today is seen as a Holy (or depending on how you look at it an Unholy) day.  Today we sit in suffering. Something our culture frowns upon.  

Last month the Pathways of Grace Ignatian group sat in suffering from the perspective of this 15th Century priest. His perspective on suffering was just a bit different. For some this is a day to feel bad, sinful etc. A day to dwell on how awful we areand the people at the time of Jesus were. For Ignatius that would be missing the point of the day….This priest felt that the day is not about us but about Jesus and suffering. We are to accompany Jesus like we would a dying friend. We are to sit in the pain without trying to fix it but learn and draw closer to God through it.  

As I sat on that hard chair I thought about this and the bigger issues going on and accompanied the suffering as I would a friend. I allowed the uncomfortableness lead me. I looked to God and drew closer to see what I couldn't when dwelling on my own wishes. And through that dwelling place I was not only able to receive comfort but also give it. My sight expanded even further and others were drawn in and God and Angels were present. But that a story for another time.

On this day of great Passion, may you receive the gift of loving God through the suffering.

Amanda PetersenComment