Delight in Creativity

by Jennifer Wilken

In preparation for this summer’s Artist’s Way practice group, I have spent some hours turning over the word creativity in my mind and heart. Years ago when I first allowed the possibility of an inner artistic self, my epiphany was not so much about my creative potential but that creativity is part of everything we do. You have surely heard someone say, “Everyone is creative.” I believe this, most certainly. But I think this is a far deeper statement than just to say we can all find an inner artistic impulse to paint or sculpt or sing or write. Rather, I have come to believe creativity is the outpouring expression of our very connection to the deep wells of the unfolding universe. Everything we do is creation: art, yes, but also problem solving and business management, building relationships and (most certainly!) loving each other. The spark, force, or creator finds its way into the world one way or another: we have the choice to delight and encourage its expression at every turn.

Consider the poetry of the words “generative” and “generosity” as a way to remember that every act of creative generativity is also an act of generosity. What we make -- what we stir up in the world -- is also what we give. Our entire lives are fantastic works of art; the energy we pour out in play, work, family, love, homes, gardens, pets and pastimes is all flowing from and manifesting the universe itself, contributing to the color, texture, light of a kaleidoscope universe. Our experience of creative forces and our generative expressions thereof are as unique as our very self. Delight in creativity!

Practice: Contemplate for a moment that you and your experience of the universe are quintessentially unique; only you have the material of your life at hand. Delight in creation. Express your creative impulse today with bold generosity.