New Growth

I want to thank you all for your words of encouragement and condoleneses over the death of my mother and brother last month.  I am now back at Pathways of Grace and feeling very grateful for all of you.  I recently heard a line in a poem about grief that went "I feel like a bird without a branch to land on." and I really connected to that line.  An entire branch of my family is missing.  Over the years they have always been a place I knew I could land for so many reasons.  It's not surprising that many times during the day I reach for that branch that isn't there.

Yet God has comforted me with an image of a tree that has been pruned and there is new growth coming.  New branches of comfort and love and experiences beyond my wildest imagination.  God also reminded me that the trunk and root system of this tree are strong and solid.  The old branches were an offshoot of this amazing trunk and that foundation will never go away.
Pathways of Grace is a part of the new growth and higher branches for me to explore.  There are many exciting new things coming in the near future (keep checking back to future newsletters and the website for updates!)  One of the new branches will be a new home for Pathways of Grace in Phoenix beginning September.  We are close to having the new space and I look forward to sharing that news with you.  Other new branches are the faculty and spiritual directors joining our community.  New opportunities to deepen our love and relationship with God in community.
You too may be in a pruning season of your spiritual life.  As you keep reaching for the old branch ask for guidance to help you also see the new growth God is providing for you in the midst of change (spiritual direction is a wonderful way to do this).  Remember that you have a trunk and root system that are always there for you.  Each and every day we tend to the Holy we strengthen the foundation of our being so we always know we will never be left without a place to land.
-- Peace and gratitude

Amanda PetersenComment