Story telling

Because of this season of my life, I am being immersed in stories.  Something wonderfulhappens when we gather to tell stories. When we share stories with others, I believe God's Spirit weaves a bond between people that is very difficult to break. Once you share a story you've invited someone into your life in a way and you are now both a part of each other's story.  The story is no longer about the past, it actually can impact the current moment. This is also true about sharing a story about the future, what might be.

The ability to sit around with friends and imagine the future you know is inside you. Say it out loud with feeling, fun and laughter.  Even being wild and imaginative in the process.  By looking ahead and asking "what am I being invited to experience in the gift of life I have been given?"  it brings us back to the moment with new knowledge.  How do I start living now that will make that future show up in me?  What small steps can I take now?

Story telling is also something we do with God.  The gift of prayer or a journal is they gives us a chance to tell stories about the past and dream new stories for the future.  I used to run from journals at a certain time in my life until a spiritual director encouraged me to use them as a way to share stories with God.  In putting them down in writing, wondering and listening my journals have impacted my ablility to be in this moment with new eyes and an open heart.  It has opened my life to the work that only God can do when we speak into who we are and where we are going.

We have an wonderful journaling group beginning in July.  If you want to get in touch with the story God is weaving in your life I encourage you to come to all or just to one.  It is an amazing way to deepen your connection with God, life and others.I invite you to practice the art of story telling in your life.  Especially in your faith journey. Come to the "Midsummer Night's Journey" and find out!

Amanda PetersenComment