To Bend...Or Not!

by Rhonda Vroman

Earlier this month a silver rectangle pendant with the word ‘bend’ in small letters caught my attention.  Being in the town with the same name, it struck me as symbolic and offered a nudge to look a bit deeper.  How are we called to bend in our physical, mental and spiritual beings?

Perhaps flexible is part of us, or so it seems, until digging a bit deeper.  Looking not around us, at the gymnast or the person who presents perfect spiritual alignment, and instead at the layer beneath the skin, beneath what is seen, what we portray to others and even ourselves.  Do we allow our bodies, mind and soul time to breath and bend, encouraging movement in new ways that offer an invitation to open and create space? An invitation to explore attitudes that may have become rigid through lack of examination. Time in nature, alone time, spiritual and mental practices all provide us the invitation to examine aspects of our lives including whether to bend ....or not.

What mind patterns are so deeply etched we may not be aware, or it feels like a mini-ditch digger is needed to create a new path? I like to see my mind open and flexible; recently I observed this applied mostly when exploring new avenues of my choice.  When externally presented with a new way of thinking, the bend was not so ready or deep.  So another light signs on the journey of life with a nudge to see if the mind pattern trench, now observed, might be redirected.  

Spiritual bending is another level. Considering myself spiritually ‘bendy’ while deeply rooted, it is also with awareness this may be applied when convenient. When does the discipline of a daily practice become stagnate and require bending? What happens if we let go and allow space for different practice(s)…. Or explore more deeply our current practice?

There are many paths;  few with a straight narrow journey.  Deciding whereand when to bend is worthy of consideration.  One of the ways to explore and become aware ofestablished patterns that may no longer serve is through an ancient practice that is best described as deeply nourishing guided relaxation.

As I have embraced this practice with regularity often over the past several years, sometimes even daily for a month, opportunities to bend are appearing with more clarity and love.

Consider if your journey may need a bend here or there…. And perhaps join me this fall for a series designed for exploring where we might bend, or not!

Rhonda VromanComment