June 5, 2015

Summer is the time I do most of my research and dreaming for the rest of the year. When it is 110 outside I spend a lot more time indoors reading. As I stack up the books, blogs, and articles to read a constant theme keeps coming up. We are, as humans, always looking for that "thing". That part of our life or understanding that is going to make everything make sense. We have to go find it.

In this search we encounter obstacles that make it impossible to find this "thing". There is a period of blaming the obstacles - parents, spouses, bosses, weather, money etc. If only they had not happened the thing would be here. And there is a time of wishing if only the right person, place or money would arrive then......

As I search these books, listen to others lives and just observe, a central truth arrives. The "thing" is not out there. There are no big obstacles blocking us from reaching it. We already own it. The thing is Love, and it resides within us. Every teacher from every age points to this fact. If we would just stop and listen we would hear this Love saying we are already right where we need to be.

The problem is we need ears to hear as Jesus would say. Learning to hear Love, really hear it, is not easy. There are so many other voices calling our name. We need other people through books, blogs, signs, notes, sermons, Ted talks etc to tell us in 100 different ways. We're all saying the same thing. Love is big, Love is in us, Love is meant to be given away.

There may be someone in your life that you wonder if they will ever hear it. Or you may be wondering if you will ever know this Love. My encouragement is keep speaking it, keep writing it, keep living it if you want others to know. If you are looking, keep reading, keep journaling, keep connecting, keep listening. It's already there only the right sounds just haven't arrived. It's vital we don't stop learning to listen to and share Love.

Exercise: Send a note of encouragement and Love to someone. See what happens.