What is of Value?

What is of Value? This is a question I have been facing on many levels recently.  As I have looked for a new space for Pathways of Grace I have had to ask myself "What is of value?" Space? Location? Parking? etc.  As I have been sifting through all of my mother's items I ask again "What is of value?" Money? Appreciation? Usefulness? Sharing?  And as I look for my next place to live the question comes up once again.  Do I value closeness to work? A quiet space? Something utilitarian or something a bit quirky?  

Bring in the values of others and culture and the whole process can become a jumbled mess and a spiritual opportunity.  When sifting through decisions it is an opportunity to look at our own deep values and how they inform next movements.  Values are deeply personal and as unique as our walk with God.    It is very similar to myclearing out my mother's home.  Things that served a family well for years are no longer needed.  What was of value?  The loving care she brought to the item.  What is of value now?  Will it be an item of loving care as the family moves on or is it time to let another family enjoy it?  The real value is love not the item.

Getting quiet and paying attention allows another layer of values to surface. Values like hospitality, the importance of connection, the gift of renewal and how all this lines up with where God is leading..  Whether there is awareness or not deep values do guide us.  Taking the time to question them gives freedom when it comes to making choices or changing direction.  

As you look around your home, your time, your relationships.  What do they say about your spiritual values?  Summer is a wonderful season in the bright light of the sun to reflect on what is of value in your walk with God and how that is reflected in the decisions and circumstances you find yourself in.   As you experience Pathways of Grace's new space I hope what you see is not so much the space itself (which is awesome!) but values of hospitality, safety, connection and love that led us there.

Spiritual Practice of Values:  Sit in the room of your home that you spend the most time.  Quietly invite God's presences to the space.  Let Love surround you and through those eyes of love ask how is that room reflecting what you value? Are you being moved to change anything?  Spend some time in gratitude for the space and what it reflects.

Amanda PetersenComment