What to do with lost mail.

I recently received a stack of mail that has been off in the mysterious void of the post office for the past few months. Cards and letters dating back to May finally reached my door. As I was reading them I had an instant where I was no longer in July but back to when each person wrote their card.  It was a very strange and powerful feeling. As I later sat with that feeling it made me wonder about what it means to live in the now. Myself and many others highly encourage living this moment because in all honesty this is the moment we have. The challenge has been the thoughts that say traveling to the past or to the future in our thoughts is a spiritual failure.  The goal is this moment and this moment only.

Reading those cards I was struck by the fact that the past and future are also this moment.  What if being in the now is being in whatever is popping up, becoming aware, looking for God in it and letting it flow on?  What if being in the now is more about not clinging to anything but allowing the knowings of the past and the possibilities of the future to mingle right in the midst of what is happening now?

As I sit with all the twists and turns Pathways of Grace has gone through in the past ten years and think of the possibilities as I live in the reality of moving into a new space, I see the now as God's movement and my awareness of that movement.  

We all have lost mail show up in our lives all the time.  People we have not seen in a while.  A scent or a song that takes us back to another time.  We all have hopes for the future.  Callings beckoning us onward.  The prayer is to let them mingle with the current reality and in the prayer of mingling seeing the amazing movement of God.

Invitation to practice:
Hold or look at an object of your past.  Write out and read the possibilities of your future.  Now sit quietly, wordlessly in the presence of God, right where you are in life and let these all mingle.  What do you sense in the movement of God in you life right now?

Amanda PetersenComment