There's an ancient contemplative awareness practice of noticing every threshold you cross during the day. Think about that. The transition from one space into the other. The invitation to walk into something new with an awareness of the Divine's presence waiting before you even get there.

Paying attention the physical doorways of our lives is a simple yet powerful practice. We all know that life is full of transitions. Often times those transitions catch us off guard. By doing this very simple practice of noticing, honoring, the thresholds in our lives it gives us the space to do the same with our soul. How do you walk into new spaces? Do you already know what's going to happen before you get there? Do you walk in with a sense of possibility? Do you walk in not even noticing as you move from space to space?

My sense of thresholds has been heightened this week as I move into a new home. Being very aware of each new threshold in this home both physically and spiritually. Honoring that life is moving from one space to another. Seeing possibility and hope, grace and joy and drawing closer to God who welcomes me.  Even signing up for one of our groups or some other opportunity that may be in your life. That is the threshold to claim a movement from something to something. The idea of honoring each space as we enter into it is a very quick simple prayer practice. Try it for this week let me know what you find!

Amanda PetersenComment