Do You See What I See?

I am very excited as the finishing touches are coming together for this Falls groups and events.  One that has deep meaning to me is our first Artist of the Month, Barry Travis.  Barry had an amazing eye for seeing the world.  He always saw things just a bit differently.  When my daughter was about 11 he took her out on a shoot and when she came home she said "We were out in the woods and I saw trees, but Uncle Barry sees TREEEES."   His gift was seeing beyond the ordinary to the story behind what is seen. He loved the places others had forgotten like ghost towns and the desert.  

As I look at the spiritual life isn't that what we are all being called to?  We can go through life as life or we can go through life as LIFE. For whatever reason this is not something we do easily.  That is the gift of contemplative practices to help us see, hear, touch, taste and feel the story behind what is on the surface.  To truly engage this gift we have been given.

I want to highlight one group that is beginning next week (we have one spot open) Deep Listening.  This is an opportunity to spend time not just hearing but listening to what is inside of you and the other person.  If this is something you'd like to practice sign up soon!

I invite you to come to the Open House on September 26th 10am - 3pm to see our new space and kick off our first Artist of the Month, Barry Travis.  A donation will be made to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for each purchase.

In the meantime I invite you practice living LIFE!

Amanda PetersenComment