A Life Lived

Have you ever met someone who is so ALIVE you just want to be near them to pick up on the energy?  I always enjoy the energy when people reminisce about someone and say "they LIVE life".  Maybe your are someone who is living life.  You are making a commitment to show up to whatever crosses your path each and every day.  Or you could be yearning for the lived life.  Something in you calls out there is more to this experience of life than just going through the motions or living according to others' expectations.

.A core premise of the Ignatian Exercises is to help participants have a lived life with God. “For it is not knowing much, but realizing and relishing things interiorly, that contents and satisfies the soul.” Another phrase I like of his is “Go forth and set the world on fire.”  A lived life is a relished, on fire and connected to God is deep relationship.  This can look like Nelson Mandela or it can be simply stopping long enough to truly listen and be present to someone.  Changing a country or connecting to one person is the kindling for a fire of the Spirit.  If you have never experienced the Ignatian Exercises I highly recommend the 9 Month Spiritual Exercises group. As I have been reflecting, reading and practicing a lived life I have decided to change up one group a bit.  I am changing the title of the Contemplative Living Group to a Lived Life Group.

This is for people who really want to show up to life. Whether you are practicing that now or your are in space where your are yearning to experience a lived life.  I am convinced a lived life with God is also a communal life.  How that community forms can be in many different ways yet at some level we live life connected with the presence of the Divine. This week sometime during the day pause and reflect on whether you are showing up to a relished, on fire, lived life.  Share that reflection with God.

Amanda PetersenComment