New Perspectives

Grace and I are still discovering our new neighborhood and a few days ago we saw a trail going up a hill and decided to see where it led.  To my surprise at the top was a bench and then just a bit off from there was a small bench perfect for a sunrise meditation.  The view - the entire Phoenix Valley while being surrounded by mountains.  From this space my meditation time was blessed with perspective.  From the top of this hill looking at at the Valley and dwelling in the Presence the God I realized how much intentional space is important in the connecting, remembering and celebrating this relationship with something so large and mysterious and loving. Whether on a hill top, in the car, or a chair in the corner, finding many places to connect is important.  Just like other things in our lives our brains serve a function of categorizing and quickly naming spaces so we can easily do other tasks.  This is evidenced with those times when the car seems to drive places on automatic pilot.  The brain is doing it's job.  This can happen with meditation time also.  The sense of the familiar is a gift and it can also lull one into a type of unconsciousness.  I invite you to mix it up this week.  Try a new spot for your connection time with God.  Whether that is a surprising spot on the side of a hill, moving the prayer chair to a different spotor coming down to Pathways of Grace for meditation, the practice will awaken your your connection with the Divine is many ways.

If you are curious about Mandala coloring meditation there will be opportunity to practice this Saturday (the 26th) at the Pathways of Grace Open House (10am - 3p).  Please stop by and check it out!

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