Ever experience a car stuckin mud or soft ground?  Getting it moving again is all about momentum. Just hitting the gas and spinning the wheels won't do it.  I once got a car stuck on the beach and with each push of the peddle I went deeper and deeper into the sand. It takes external help, people and tools to get unstuckSometimes it takes people willing to get in the mess with you to get it out. Often it means doing something that may feel counter intuitive.

Remember the feeling of gratitude and euphoria when the car starts moving again? There is a want to just keep going and going and going.  

We all get stuck in the mud spiritually at times. Getting unstuckmeans reaching out for tools and people and sometimes doing something counter intuitive like trusting others. It's a time to go back to basics - who were the authors that inspired? It's time to pull those books out and start reading again.  What prayer practices create a calm center?  It's time to practice them again.  Who are the people who are willing to get in the mess of change and help encourage movement again.  And it's a time to shed some old things, reevaluate and maybe start some new practices.  It's a time to reach out beyond one's self call on the Divine Presence to guide and encourage.  

In these simple movements momentum builds and one day there is the euphoria of being free from the things that create that stuck feeling. What is your back to basics plan when you feel stuck?  Having one is as important as having an escape route in case of a fire. The gift of groups and opportunities like those at Pathways of Grace is it builds a space and community to be there when our wheels are just spinning and help provide some traction to get moving again! 

Amanda PetersenComment