Holding On to God - Part One

I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we will be looking at getting a handle on life and God as we begin this year.  The first step in this process is realizing that one is held.  That may seem counter to the idea of connecting God with life.  Isn't this about what one holds?
From a contemplative stance the first step is to realize the ground of one's being is as one who is loved and supported by a Divine presence that is bigger than what one can even imagine of the world one wishes to connect to.  This is easy and so difficult at the same time.  Easy because even as this is read if one relaxes into that truth everything seems to soften. Life is shared and cared about.

 Difficult because it requires surrendering all the individual ideas about how big or small the circumstances are and how it is up to the individual to handle all these circumstances.  If one is held in the embrace of love, support, mercy, grace and guidancethen life must be put into perspective.  This can a huge challenge to the ego, mind, sense of independence etc. It is also very easy to turn God into santa claus releasing life into an "oh well God's got it I don't matter" place.  It means inviting God into every aspect of life to be shared. This includes even the ones that one seems to be able to handle very well thank you and those one would much rather just hand off to God and forget.  

This is not the average person's default mode yet in order to have the connection to life be through God one must understand the connection of the Divine to one's self.  There are several ways to heighten this awareness for today I will offer up three, write it down, quiet time and meditation.

Writing down in your own words how God holds you, whatever that brings up for, and carrying it with you and reading it throughout the day will help with awareness.  You could also write it down by selecting an image or object that represents this to you and putting ita place where it will be seen throughout the day.

Quiet time is taking one's schedule and creating stopping places, even if just for a few moments to remember Who holds you.  The liturgy of the hours does this very well.  Taking time even at the busiest peak and stopping to be quiet and acknowledge The One Who Hold you. Rest and Restore with Rhonda Vroman will give you this space.  

Finally meditation is the ultimate in being held.  No agenda, no prayers, just resting in the embrace for the sake of the embrace.

Try one of these this week and let me know what you noticed.  You are always welcome to come to one of the meditation times at Pathways of Grace (Wednesday and Thursday 12:15-12:45, Tuesday at 5:30p and Wednesday at 7p).  

May your week be filled with moments of knowing you are held in an eternal embrace.

Amanda PetersenComment