Are You A Robber?

by Rhonda Vroman

When I was recently presented with information about how to protect against robbers, it got me thinking about different kinds of robbing.  Yes, there is a person who takes your things and occasionally who takes the life of one we care about deeply and we usually call this person a robber and worse.  Yet, if we turn inward, we might be our own worst robbers. I am thinking about the robber that resides in the mind and goes by many names, among them expectation.
An expectation is an offense waiting to happen. If we had no expectations, our lives would be more peacefully grounded. I'm not here to suggest we can live with no expectation… or else life would be one big surprise and there would be no routine. Hmmm!  And it has caused me to think about how I am my own peace and stillness robber.  I do this when I give with expectations. When I expect that my hard work will be noticed and rewarded instead of doing the work for the joy of it and releasing anticipated outcomes. How do your expectations impact your day?
Just as we would not stand by if a friend of ours was being robbed and we could prevent this, nor are we called to allow the mind to set up thoughts that lead to disappointment. To create expected outcomes that may or may not occur.
Stop and consider how many expectations you have had about yourself and those you interacted with in the past day.  Probably too many to count, and that is not the point.  By creating awareness of how expectations rob us and create an offense, we can begin to control the mind and move towards a more peaceful way of being.
This can be done in many ways, including a spiritual practice that heightens awareness and invites us to move closer towards the Divine and further away from expectations.  The Rest & Restore classes offered in February, Friday the 5th and 26th from 5:30-7 PM and Tuesdays the 9th and 23rd from 6-7:30p will provide a space and place to ease into a softening around expectations, and is a great way to ease out of your week and into your weekend.

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