New Year Awareness

by Amanda Petersen

The turning of a page is always a wonderful time to reflect.  It’s like the pause between the in breath and out breath. It happens every minute yet how often does one notice that in between moment? Changing calendars, going from 2016 to 2017 is like that, a magical pause. There is one with every sunrise and sunset, yet how often does one pay attention in that space?  

Going into the New Year is an opportunity to stand in that space with intention. Where have I been and where is the flow of my life going? Is life controlling me or do I wish to be a participant in life? How do I want to cooperate with the movement of God/Love in the gift of life? What do I need to notice or be aware in order to participate? These are some of the questions these pauses in life invite me to ask.  

The challenge is remembering to pay attention and be aware of what participation looks like. That is why finding ways to remind oneself is important. For myself, it takes several pieces to keep me aware.

Community: During the pausing time, gathering with a friend or two and telling the stories of where we’ve been and listening together to where God is calling us to continue the journey. Discussing what pieces need to be looked at and incorporated into daily life to continue that movement toward Love.

Visuals: Having symbols and words all around that remind me to notice the pause and remember Love.  

Rituals: Have a set rhythm and ritual to my life. Folding simple things into my day like meditation when the sun rises, examining my day when the sun sets, going for a walk, or being mindful about health.

If you are wondering where to start for yourself, I highly recommend our New Year offerings. They all contain community, visuals, and rituals.  

As I begin this New Year, I do so with a grateful heart for the ways we have traveled together, and I look forward to watching how Life/God continues to invite us to participate in Love.

Please share how you are aware of the pause between years and what helps you keep connecting to that pause throughout the year. Let’s inspire each other!

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