The Inner Trinity

Our connection to God has a dimension to it that can be over looked.  Just as God is more than just one dimension (the reason for the Trinity) so are we.  When we take one of God's dimensions (or persons) away we are missing something profound.  A Divine Love that sees the big picture, is involved with humanity in a mysterious way yet is not connected to humanity in any real way leaves something missing.  Isn't that the power in the Lenten Season?

As beings of this Multi Dimensional Presence we too are multi dimensional and if one is ignored then the entire picture begins to fall apart.  For us it is the mind, body, spirit dimensions.  Just as with God there are more than dimensions but for this short blog I will stick with 3.  The beauty of the these three aspects of ourselves is if we ignore one they have a way of making their presence known.  Now we are always open to continuing to ignore the missing piece yet I am writing to you, people on a journey with God, so this is not the calling for us. Aren't we all about awareness??  

If I study a lot and exercise a lot but never take time to pray, over time my spirit will find a way to call to me in dis-ease.  If I eat healthy and reach heaven in my prayers yet never learn from another my voice becomes stale and closed off to others.  Get the picture?  

I am noticing these things because over the past year my mind and spirit have been richly fed yet my body has been stretched beyond what she's comfortable maintaining and now she has shut me down asking for attention.  As many of you have been hit with the gunk or the flu this year I have also.   I am on my second round and my body, mind and spirit (and my doctor) have said enough.  It's time to stop and rest.  Since I am one of those "awareness" types I am listening and stopping this week to rest and restore.  The office will be close (see announcement in this newsletter for details) BUT classes will be happened as usual.  I highly recommend Rest and Restore tonight!! It is a wonderful Inner Trinity practice!  Thank you all for your understanding as I get my Inner Trinity back in balance.

As you enter this Lenten Season may you be in awe of the many dimensions of an amazing God.


Amanda PetersenComment