Back To Basics

I seem to be noticing technology lately.  Not in a sense that it is good or bad, but more in the sense that it has the capacity to bring out my light and shadow.  I am beginning a practice of spirituality and technology.  I find it so easy to get into a mode of unconsciousness around technology.  

One example was the GPS that I spoke of in another post.  Another is my “smart” phone.  I jokingly call it my brain.  But it hit me the other day that as much as that is a help in keeping all the bits and pieces of my life in a way that helps me, am I unconsciously just going along for the ride of societal expectations (you have it so use it)?

The gift of a contemplative life is it is a life that is free to ask questions.  I have begun to ask the same questions of technology that I ask in other areas of my life.  Does this draw me into more awareness of Love?  Will this allow me to dwell in the presence of God?  How does this help me be more present to others?  How does this draw me away from others and myself?  Is this of service?  Who is driving the bus? Etc.

I am just beginning to explore these questions regarding technology and I am using the examen I mentioned last week. I’ll keep you posted as I find my own way through my spirit and technology.  Let me know your thoughts on how you mix your contemplative life and technology.  

May you experience the awareness the energy of God/Love that is always and everywhere.

Amanda PetersenComment